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Dentcio was established by Mr Javier and Mr Norman from Dentix Supplies.Inc.
The company was founded in 2020, which was the worst year for the United States to experience the new flu. Mr Javier and Mr Norman found that many dental clinics had closed down because they could not afford high rent and labor costs. At the same time, expensive dental equipment also brings greater challenges to all dental clinics. Under this situation, all famous dental companies selling their products at very high prices. So Mr Javier and Mr Norman started looking for products with good quality but lower prices. So they set their sights on China, which is 14,000 kilometers away from the United States.

China is the foundry of many multinational companies and has a rich industrial chain. 
So they looked for the best dental factory in China. After many product tests, the products from COXO's factory in China passed the tests. Their products made Mr Javier and Mr Norman very satisfied. So the two parties signed a long-term cooperation plan.

Dentcio's mission is to bring high-quality dental products to all American dentists at a favorable price.

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